Guest Contributors

James Eastham
Chief, Urology Service
Paul Hamlin
Clinical Director, Lymphoma Outpatient Unit
Peter  Kingham
Surgical Oncologist
Mark Kris
Chief, Thoracic Oncology Service
Vincent Laudone
Co-Director for Robotic Surgery
Diane Reidy-Lagunes
Medical Oncologist, Division of Gastrointestinal Oncology
Nabil Rizk
Thoracic Surgeon
Lauren Robinson
Program Coordinator, Integrative Medicine Service
Paul Sabbatini
Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Clinical Research
Craig Thompson
President and CEO

Our Contributors

Memorial Sloan Kettering
Department of Public Affairs
Media Staff
Department of Public Affairs
Jennifer Castoro
Managing/Copy Editor
Helen Garey
Freelance Writer
Jenifer Goodwin
Freelance Writer
Julie Grisham
Freelance Science Writer
Eva Kiesler
Senior Science Writer/Editor
Esther Napolitano
Freelance Science Writer
Andrea Peirce
Senior Web Editor/Writer
Christina Pernambuco-Holsten
Managing Web editor
Maureen Salamon
Freelance Writer
Jim Stallard
Senior Writer/Editor