On Cancer: Meet Breast Cancer Surgeon Tari King

By Memorial Sloan Kettering  |  Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Breast cancer surgeon Tari King talks about her research investigating why certain women develop breast cancer and about the long-term relationships she maintains with her patients.


Dr. King,
It is great that you keep in contact with your patients. I am a nursing indtructor in Charlotte ,NC . I just finished chemo , a mastectomy and radiation. I believe as a society we are becoming numb to breast cancer. We hear about it so much and I wonder if we really understand the immensity of how it affects the patients lives. So I applaud you for maintaining long term relationships. It has been a rough and exhausting year but I will be a more caring and empathetic nurse because of this disease.
Carey friedrich RN,MSN

Greeting from Bali Island Indonesia. It is indeed very consoling to know that a doctor is willing to see her patient not only just the disease but also every aspect of her problems after she got breast cancer. I wish there will be more doctors are able to see the patient as a whole not only treating the disease. Bali Cancer Care Community /Ms Kurnia Ito

I had seen another surgeon ( not at MSK) before Dr. King and he made me feel like I was one more going under the knife, he never talk to me with my chart or my history in front of him everything was in the air, nothing was said for sure.
When I went to see Dr King I felt home, she was not seen my disease as any other patient she was seeing myself. She explain exactly what was going on inside me, she gave me for the first time the idea that I wasn't another patient I was important, gave all the time to ask questions and her answers were simple and direct. Even the day of the surgery, she spoke to us before and after the surgery reassuring my family. And what I appreciated the most is that she was the one calling me as soon as she got the results from the lymph nodes biopsy, something that the other surgeon left for the technician which was a dry, cold, heartless female. Thank you Dr. King I wish more doctors were like her, caring and patient. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Maria Campagnale, RMA

Dr. King did my lumpectomy in April and I could not have been treated any better. Dr. King and the Memorial Sloan Lettering staff are amazing.

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