On Cancer: Meet Gastric and Adrenal Surgeon Vivian Strong

By Memorial Sloan Kettering  |  Friday, November 29, 2013

Vivian E. Strong, a minimally invasive surgery specialist, talks about walking her patients through the steps of the treatment process to ease any concerns before a procedure.


Dear dr vivian,
Happy to listen your work and congratulation.
How often you get early stomach cancer patient?
Our 90% of patients are in advanced stage , we are at resource poor site.
Please send few of relevant publication by mail.
With kind regards
Dr sanchetee

Dear Dr. Sanchetee, you may access information about gastric cancer (including incidence statistics and resources such as prognostic tools on our website at: Here is a link to Dr. Strong's profile, which includes a link to some of her publications and online video presentations: You can also find additional information about gastric cancer by going to the National Cancer Institute's website at:
Thank you for your comment.

My mother was diagnosed with gastric cancer and we chose Sloan and Dr.Vivian Strong to help manage her care. Dr.Strong, her nurse Gay, and everyone else at Slian was top-nitch and kept my mom informed. Dr. Strong is warm & friendly but very professional. She treats patients and their family with the highest respect and she explains things..never rushing through your appointment time..even though she is very busy and in big demand. Its nice to see a top-notch surgeon with such a warm and caring personality.

Dr. Strong is an absolutely amazing surgeon. She recently operated on my dad to remove his stomach and lymph nodes surrounding that area. Immediately following surgery, Dr. Strong spoke with my mom and I to tell us all she did and found. She is genuinely caring person. She is always so warm and friendly with my parents, answering all their questions and concerns in terms they understand. She treats her patients and families with such respect and care yet is always professional. She has given my dad and our family hope for a future with him and for that we will be forever grateful to Dr. Strong.

I wanted to know if a nonfunctioning Adrenal Adenoma can switch on to become functioning and if so, can it go back and forth between functioning and non functioning? Thanks for your response.

Dear Robert, we sent your inquiry to Dr. Strong, and she responded:

"A non-functioning adenoma can turn on to be functional and blood tests can typically confirm this. A functioning adenoma, however, cannot turn off and become non- functional."

Thank you for your comment.

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