On Cancer: Meet Thoracic Surgeon James Huang

By Memorial Sloan Kettering  |  Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thoracic surgeon James Huang discusses how minimally invasive, video-assisted, and robotic surgical techniques improve the treatment of patients with lung, esophageal, and thymic cancers.


My sister, Maureen Costello Estberg, had a procedure done by you today! Thank you SO much for helping her and my brother in law ,Chris to feel so well taken care of during this difficult time for them! Thanks to you & your staff. God bless you all.

Margaret ,sister

Had surgery on Apr 10, 2013 and feel amazing, surgery went well, on oxygen for a wk till I see surgeon, I am out walking, doing little chores around the house, I am ever so grateful !

What insurance does Dr. Huang take?

Hello, for more information about insurance at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, please call 646-497-9176 or go to
Thank you for your comment.

I have read encouraging reports about the use of robotics and VATS in the treatment of thymic carcinoma. Does the presence of mediastinal adenopathy preclude a patient from a minimally invasive approach and do you employ high single high dose radiation intraoperatively? Thank you in advance.

Shannon, we sent your questions to Dr. Huang and he said, "Although minimally invasive techniques are increasingly common, they are most appropriate for early-stage localized disease without spread to the lymph nodes. Although intraoperative radiation can sometimes be used in some difficult situations, postoperative radiation is more commonly used." Thank you for your comment.

Dr Huang and his staff were wonderful. I had a lung cancer in the lower right lobe. Dr Huang and his staff was excellent in the pre exams a and then Dr Huang removed the diseased lobe. I was petrified as I had lost my sister and also my son to Lung cancer. We were all smokers. Dr Huang performed great. The recovery went well and I'm now cancer free after two years.

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