On Cancer: Meet Urologic Cancer Surgeon Guido Dalbagni

By Memorial Sloan Kettering  |  Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Urologic surgeon Guido Dalbagni – who cares for patients with bladder cancer, kidney cancer, penile cancer, and sarcomas – explains new treatments offered at Memorial Sloan Kettering, which can help patients of any age maintain their quality of life.


I have ureteral cancer, a stent in my left kidney, and a nephrostomy bag. I have undergone 8 months of chemo. It stopped the cancer from spreading, but the tumor has grown. I recently consulted with Dr John Colberg at Yale Smilow Cancer Center, who feels that my best solution would be radical surgery including left kidney and ureter. My question is : is there any alternative? I'm
85 years old and have been advised surgery may be too risky. I've heard of Nano knife electrical therapy -- it sounds like a possibility, less invasive, and easier on the body. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks much!

Miki, we are not able to answer individual medical questions on our blog. If you'd like to make an appointment to speak with a Memorial Sloan-Kettering physician, please call 800-525-2225 or go to Thank you for your comment.

My aunt 90 yrs old was diagnosed with leimioscarcoma in the right lung in June 2013. She had a hysterectomy 57 years ago. We were told this is very rare especially since this cancer is found in uterous and in a younger person. she was just taken off chemotherapy. Would u advise traveling from where we live in california to nyc to see if Sloan Kettering has any other treatment for survival? We were told her age prohibits surgery survival.
thank you as we are so devistated and want to seek help elsewhere if possible.

Susan, we are not able to provide personal medical advice on our blog. If you'd like to speak with someone at MSKCC about making an appointment, you can call 800-525-2225 or go to for more information. Thank you for your comment.

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