Patrick J. Boland, MD, FRCS(I), FRCS

Patrick J. Boland, MD, FRCS(I), FRCS

Dr. Boland is a full-time, senior member of the Orthopaedic Service, Department of Surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where he specializes in the management of malignant and benign tumors of the bones, including those of the spine and pelvis, and in soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities. He also has special training in limb salvage surgery—that is the removal of the limb cancers while preserving a functional extremity.

Together with colleagues from neurosurgery, diagnostic radiology, and radiation therapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering, he has extensive experience in the treatment of primary and metastatic tumors of the spine. Over the years, he has developed a special interest in the management of tumors of the sacrum.

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Clinical Expertise

Bone Cancers, Primary and Metastatic; Soft Tissue Sarcomas; Spine Tumors; Sacral and Pelvic Tumors.

Languages Spoken

MD, University College Dublin-Ireland; MB,BCh, University College Dublin and St. Vincent’s Hospital (Ireland)


St. Vincent’s Hospital-University College, Dublin (Ireland); Peter Bent Brigham Hospital/Harvard University; Middlesex & Hammersmith Hospital - London University (U.K.)


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; The Hospital for Special Surgery

Board Certifications

Orthopaedic Surgery (USA & UK)

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Selected Book Chapters
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