Christian M. Custodio, MD

Christian M. Custodio, MD

I am a physiatrist who specializes in evaluating cancer patients and survivors who have physical impairments and/or disabilities related to their cancer or their treatments. These impairments can include neuropathy, musculoskeletal disorders, spinal cord injury, brain injury, gait difficulty, spasticity, contracture, amputation, and lymphedema among other conditions.

I have specialized training in electrodiagnostic medicine (EMG), and my clinical and research interests include using EMG to help diagnose and manage neuromuscular disorders in cancer patients. I collaborate with a team of other specialists to provide comprehensive treatments for cancer-related impairments and disability using a combination of physical and occupational therapy, medications, therapeutic injections, bracing and assistive devices, and patient education. My goals are to optimize my patients’ function and improve their overall quality of life.

I am also very passionate about training and educating young physicians about how to treat the complex functional issues cancer patients cope with, and to this end serve as the program director for Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Cancer Rehabilitation Fellowship Program.

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Phone: 646-888-1935; Fax: 646-888-1910
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Cancer Rehabilitation; Electrodiagnostic Medicine

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MD, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey Medical School


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Mayo Clinic

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Electrodiagnostic Medicine

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