Breast Cancer: Survivorship & Support

Memorial Sloan Kettering offers comprehensive support services and other resources for women with breast cancer, as well as their family and friends. We can help you to address the full range of challenges that can come with the disease and its treatment.

Pictured: Megan Dunne

Nurse practitioner Megan Dunne discusses what you need to know as you prepare for life after treatment.

If you are facing the challenges of cancer survivorship you can access a variety of support services through the Living Beyond Cancer section of our Web site. This section includes information about our professionally led support groups and counseling; survivorship clinics to manage the late effects of cancer and its treatment; recommendations about screening and healthy living; and specialized services to address sexual and reproductive health. We also offer a range of resources to help survivors, families, and friends better understand the complex emotional and social issues that may arise following treatment.

Additional services are available through our Resources for Life After Cancer program, which provides a full range of educational support services, including individual and family counseling, periodic lectures or workshops to provide medical updates, and practical guidance on employment and insurance issues.

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