Head & Neck Cancers

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer in the head or neck, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is ready to help. Our experienced team of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest-quality treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation services.

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Pictured: Jatin Shah
Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Service

100 years after establishing the world’s first Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering continues to be at the forefront of developing the latest surgical techniques that preserve and restore critical organs.

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Becoming a Patient: The First Steps

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer or a related disease, we can help you understand your treatment options.

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Patient Care Facilities

We provide patient care at locations in New York City and at state-of-the-art facilities in New Jersey, Long Island, and Westchester County.

Pictured: Jatin Shah
Introduction to Head and Neck Cancer

Many head and neck cancers can be cured, but getting the best outcome requires close cooperation among a variety of medical specialists.

Pictured: Joseph Disa
Reconstructive Surgery for Head and Neck Cancer

New techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery can help restore patients’ appearance and function after surgery for head and neck cancer.

Pictured: Jessica
Jessica's Story: An Actor's Triumphant Return After Tongue Cancer

Jessica Tar feared her cancer of the front part of tongue diagnosis would be the end of her acting and singing career. Memorial Sloan Kettering head and neck surgeon Jatin Shah eliminated the tumor, helping Jessica continue to pursue her dream.

Pictured: Jatin Shah
An Introduction
Pictured: Joseph Disa
Reconstructive Surgery
Pictured: Jessica
Jessica's Story