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I am a radiation oncologist specializing in the treatment of cancers originating in the head and neck. I work closely with a team of surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and medical physicists to devise the best possible treatment plan for each individual patient. In my clinic, I ensure each patient understands his or her disease, the rationale for the recommended treatment, and any possible alternative therapies. I have experience with advanced techniques such as intensity-modulated radiotherapy, image-guided radiation therapy, and stereotactic body radiotherapy, which can maximize the effectiveness of radiation while simultaneously reducing toxicity from treatment.  

My research is focused on further personalizing radiation therapy by using information unique to each patient’s individual tumor. I am part of a cancer genetics laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering and am actively studying how genetic abnormalities in tumors affect their response to radiotherapy. I am examining how genetic alterations in DNA repair processes may influence response to radiation and cytotoxic treatments. My colleagues and I are further developing methods to combine this information with advanced imaging techniques to better personalize treatment for each patient.

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MD, Stanford University


Stanford Hospital and Clinics; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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