Edgar A. Jaimes, MD

Chief, Renal Service
Pictured: Edgar Jaimes

I am a board-certified nephrologist, and I specialize in the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases resulting from chemotherapy, radiation or surgery treatment for other cancers. In addition I evaluate and treat patients with pre-existing renal diseases or hypertension who require cancer treatment.

My research focuses on the mechanisms of renal and vascular injury of different etiologies, including hypertension, chemotherapy and surgery. Our ultimate goal is to develop novel strategies to prevent or ameliorate kidney diseases associated with cancer treatment. In addition I have a special interest in the effects of tobacco products on the progression of chronic kidney disease with emphasis on the potential role of nicotine as mediator of the deleterious effects of tobacco products in the kidneys and vasculature. I am also involved in the medical education and training of fellows and research trainees within my service.

Appointments for New Patients
Clinical Expertise

Chronic Kidney Disease; Acute Kidney Injury; Hypertension

Languages Spoken
English; Spanish

MD, Colegio Mayor del Rosario (Colombia)


University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinics


University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinics

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