Low-Grade Glioma

Memorial Sloan Kettering is a leader in advancing the treatment of low-grade glioma (glial) brain tumors. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is among the most experienced in the world at dealing with this type of tumor, offering patients access to the latest clinical trials, expertise in brain mapping and imaging during surgery, and awake surgery to protect motor and speech areas of the brain.

Learn more about low-grade glioma using the navigation below. For information about other types of brain tumors, visit primary brain tumors, metastatic brain tumors, or pediatric brain tumors.

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Brain Tumor Center

This center unites physicians and scientists focused on studying brain tumors and developing better treatments for them.

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Pediatric Brain Tumors

If your child has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, Memorial Sloan Kettering is ready to help. Find a doctor or clinical trial, and learn about our approach to treatment.

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Patient Care Facilities

We provide patient care at locations in New York City and at state-of-the-art facilities in New Jersey, Long Island, and Westchester County.

Awake Surgery for Brain Tumors

Meet the Memorial Sloan Kettering neurosurgeons and other experts who work as a team to perform brain tumor surgery while a patient is awake, which can improve the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

IGRT: Precise and Powerful Radiation Therapy

Radiation oncologist Josh Yamada talks about a technique called IGRT that delivers high doses of radiation precisely along the contours of a tumor.

Awake Surgery
IGRT: Precise and Powerful