Lymphomas: Follow-up Care

After completing treatment for lymphoma, it’s important to see your doctor regularly to monitor for treatment side effects and signs of recurrence.

During these checkups, you may undergo tests including a physical exam, blood tests, bone marrow aspirates, biopsies, and x-rays or other imaging. These will be tailored to your specific situation. The length of your follow-up care and the frequency of your visits depend on the nature of your disease, its stage, and the treatments you received.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, nurse practitioners who specialize in lymphomas also provide follow-up care. Many of these services are also offered through our Survivorship Center.

If you experience any new symptoms, you should contact your physicians, even between scheduled visits.

After a few years of follow-up, you may be able to transition to the care of your primary care physician and see your oncologist on an as-needed basis. MSK experts are always available if you or your doctors ever have a cancer-related question, or if a new cancer-related problem arises.