Svetlana Mironov, MD

Svetlana Mironov, MD

I am a board-certified radiologist with fellowship training in cross-sectional imaging, a technique that uses ultrasound, CT, or MRI to create cross-sectional views of the body. This approach is widely used to diagnose and monitor the treatment of different types of cancers. My particular area of expertise is imaging gynecologic cancers. Advanced imaging technologies enable me to detect and characterize masses in the pelvic area that are causing symptoms suggestive of cancer, and I can provide gynecologic surgeons with valuable information about the extent of disease before surgery.

Using a combination of tumor markers and modern imaging modalities, I collaborate with gynecologic oncologists to monitor treatment and detect early recurrence of gynecologic cancers.

Clinical Expertise

Cross-Sectional Body Imaging

Languages Spoken

MD, State Medical Academy (Russia)


Long Island College Hospital


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Board Certifications

Diagnostic Radiology

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