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Hospitals Are Getting IBM's Skin Cancer Detection System

Doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering will soon be getting an assist from a system designed by IBM to automatically recognize skin cancer. Yesterday, IBM announced a partnership with the hospital to use cognitive computing to sort images of skin lesions into melanoma, atypical, and benign categories.

December 19, 2014
Ask Well: Reapply Your Sunscreen

Dermatologist Steven Wang answered a reader’s question about sunscreen.

July 3, 2014
Study Links Erectile Dysfunction Drugs with Increased Risk of Malignant Melanoma

Dermatology Service Chief Allan Halpern discussed a study that found a possible link between Viagra and an increased risk of developing melanoma.

April 10, 2014
6 New Sun Care Secrets

Dermatologist Steven Wang discussed the latest research on sun protection.

June 1, 2013
The Golden Rules of Sun Protection

Dermatologist Steven Wang offered sun-safety tips for summer.

June 1, 2013
The New Rules for Sunscreen

Dermatologist Steven Wang talked about new FDA labeling guidelines for sunscreen manufacturers.

May 27, 2013
Novel Immunotherapy Drug Receives FDA Approval for the Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma

The US Food and Drug Administration announced today that the drug ipilimumab (brand name Yervoy) has been approved for the treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma. It is the first drug ever shown to improve overall survival for patients with advanced melanoma.

March 25, 2011

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Pictured: Anna Skripnik & Kathryn Ciccollini
Spotlight on Dermatology Nursing

Today, we spotlight our dermatology nurses. Learn more about them.

July 25, 2014
Pictured: Steven Wang
What Should a Person Look for on a Sunscreen Label?

In this “Ask the Expert” feature, dermatologist Steven Wang discusses how to choose the most effective sunscreen.

May 15, 2013
Pictured: Jedd Wolchok & Paul Chapman
Memorial Sloan Kettering Physician-Scientists Present Significant Clinical Cancer Research Advances at ASCO Annual Meeting

In an extraordinary demonstration of excellence, five Memorial Sloan Kettering physician-scientists were selected to participate in the press program at the 2011 American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting, held June 3-7 in Chicago.

July 1, 2011
James Allison
Immunotherapy Drug Receives FDA Approval for Advanced Melanoma

The US Food and Drug Administration announced in late March that the drug ipilimumab (Yervoy™) had been approved for the treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma.

July 1, 2011
Paul Chapman
New Targeted Therapy Shows Promise for Advanced Melanoma

A multicenter study led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center investigators concluded that treatment with a new targeted therapy called PLX4032 resulted in significant tumor shrinkage in 80 percent of patients with advanced melanoma.

January 1, 2011