Lynn A. Brody, MD

Lynn A. Brody, MD

I am an interventional radiologist. This means that I use state-of-the-art radiology imaging equipment (such as CT scanners, ultrasound, and x-ray/fluoroscopy) to guide minimally invasive procedures. “Minimally invasive” refers to the fact that the procedures require only tiny incisions — often no bigger than a needle — and can often be performed using conscious sedation rather than general anesthesia.

I have been invited to speak both nationally and internationally on topics such as embolization of liver tumors, diagnosis and treatment of biliary obstruction, placement of venous access devices, percutaneous biopsy, placement of inferior vena caval filters, and percutaneous tumor ablation.

Clinical Expertise

Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Languages Spoken

MD, New York University School of Medicine


St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center;
The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center

Board Certifications

Diagnostic Radiology; CAQ in Interventional Radiology

Publications by Lynn A. Brody
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