Mrinal M. Gounder, MD

Pictured: Mrinal Gounder

Medical oncologist Mrinal Gounder describes our sophisticated and multidisciplinary approach to care for patients with sarcomas of the soft tissue and bone.


I am a medical oncologist specializing in the care of patients with sarcomas of soft tissue and bone. The word “sarcoma” encompasses more than 50 different rare types of cancer, each with unique characteristics and behavior. As an attending physician at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, I work closely with leading sarcoma experts in medicine, surgery, radiation, pathology, cancer biology, and nursing to deliver the best patient care for each type of sarcoma.

My research interest is to further unravel the complexity of each type of sarcoma and develop new drugs in order to move away from the “one size fits all” paradigm.  Currently, I am the lead investigator on several clinical trials in our division.  I am also an attending physician in the Phase I Clinical Trials program, where I focus my research on discovering and developing new and exciting compounds that are more effective in treating all solid tumors and that are less toxic for the patient.

As an oncologist, my foremost goal is to recognize the unique needs of people living with cancer, improve the quality of their lives and maintain their dignity.

I am fluent in Tamil, Hindi and English.


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Clinical Expertise

Sarcomas of Soft Tissue and Bone; Developmental Therapeutics, phase I clinical trials.

Languages Spoken
English; Hindi

MD, State University of New York, Syracuse


Northwestern University


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Board Certifications

Internal Medicine; Medical Oncology

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