Allan C. Halpern, MD

Chief, Dermatology Service
Allan C. Halpern, MD -- Chief, Dermatology Service

I am a board-certified internist and dermatologist with special expertise in skin cancer — especially melanoma. Much of my clinical career has focused on the early detection and management of melanoma in high-risk individuals. To improve the early detection of melanoma, I have pioneered the use of whole-body photography to assist in the detection of changing moles in patients with dysplastic nevi (large, irregular colored or shaped moles). We have established a fully computerized digital imaging system at Memorial Sloan Kettering to monitor moles in patients who have dysplastic nevi or a personal history of melanoma. The program creates a baseline digital photographic record of the patient's moles. When the patient returns for follow-up appointments, new and changing moles can be identified, enabling subtle melanomas to be recognized at a stage when they are easily cured. The system also reduces the need to excise stable moles and moles erroneously perceived by the patient to have changed.

Clinical Expertise

Diagnosis and Management of Skin Cancer; Prevention and Early Detection of Melanoma in Patients with Dysplastic Nevi; Melanoma

Languages Spoken

MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Montefiore Medical Center

Board Certifications

Internal Medicine; Dermatology

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