Mary Sue Brady, MD, FACS

Mary Sue Brady, MD, FACS

I am a surgical oncologist whose clinical expertise is in the surgical management of patients with melanoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and other aggressive skin and soft tissue malignancies such as Merkel cell carcinoma and sweat gland carcinoma.

I helped develop our program in sentinel lymph node mapping for patients with melanoma and other skin tumors. Sentinel lymph node mapping allows doctors to determine during surgery whether a tumor has spread to surrounding lymph nodes. Using a radioactive tracer we can pinpoint the precise lymph node into which a nearby tumor is likely to travel first (called the sentinel node). I continue to research the best role for this procedure in patient care as well as the implications of lymph node metastasis and drainage patterns in patients with melanoma. In addition, I have helped to define — in a prospective clinical trial — the role of PET scanning in patients with high risk melanoma.

I have developed a program in minimally invasive regional chemotherapy for patients with melanoma that develops in the arms or legs. This treatment is called isolated limb infusion. We are testing new drugs and other agents that may increase the effectiveness of this approach.

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General Surgical Oncology; Melanoma; Sarcoma

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MD, University of Miami School of Medicine


The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Sloan Kettering Institute

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