Andrew J. Plodkowski, MD

Pictured: Andrew Plodkowski

I am a board-certified radiologist specializing in musculoskeletal and cardiothoracic imaging. I have expertise in cardiac MRI and advanced certification in cardiac CT coronary angiography. I also have subspecialized in musculoskeletal sports imaging and procedures including ultrasound-guided techniques.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center I am a member of disease management teams for cardiology and lung cancer. My current research includes novel assessments with cardiac MRI and CT in cancer patients as well as innovative research in thoracic malignancies and imaging.

Clinical Expertise

Musculoskeletal and Cardiothoracic Advanced Imaging

Languages Spoken

MD, Loyola University of Chicago School of Medicine


SUNY Upstate Medical Center (Syracuse, NY)


Hospital for Special Surgery; Montefiore Medical Center (New York)

Board Certifications

Diagnostic Radiology; certificate of advanced proficiency in Cardiac Computed Tomography

Publications by Andrew J. Plodkowski
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