Christiane Querfeld, MD, PhD

Christiane Querfeld

I am a board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist with advanced fellowship training in cutaneous lymphoma. My clinical practice focuses on the diagnosis and management of patients with cutaneous lymphoma and the care and management of patients affected by cutaneous complications of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

My research focus has been on investigations of the biology of cutaneous lymphomas and novel therapies for these diseases. I serve as co-principal investigator on several clinical Phase I and II trials of cutaneous T cell lymphomas. One of my long-term goals is to leverage my scientific background and dermatopathology skills to help identify new diagnostic and prognostic markers for the myriad subtypes of cutaneous lymphomas and to collaborate with other clinicians and researchers to better understand the pathogenesis of the disease. The ultimate goal of my work is to identify new therapeutic targets that can be applied to refine current treatment strategies for the patients suffering from these diseases. I have a particular interest in the role of the microenvironment in cutaneous lymphomas. My ongoing projects are aimed to identify the contributing elements of the tumor microenvironment and help elucidate the underlying mechanisms that lead to disease progression through maintenance and proliferation of malignant cells in the skin.

Clinical Expertise

All Cutaneous Lymphomas; Cutaneous Complications of Stem Cell Transplantation

Languages Spoken

MD, University of Cologne (Germany); PhD, University of Heidelberg (Germany)


Good Samaritan Hospital/Johns Hopkins University; University of Chicago


Northwestern University

Board Certifications

Dermatology; Dermatopathology

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