Eric G. Pamer, MD

Head, Division of General Medicine; Chief, Infectious Diseases Service; Enid A. Haupt Chair in Clinical Investigation
Pictured: Eric G. Pamer

I am an infectious diseases physician specializing in immunology and cancer-related infections that can occur when chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation compromises the body’s immune system.

My research focuses on how the immune system combats infection and how the microorganisms that normally inhabit the body protect against infection. My laboratory is also investigating mechanisms that prevent invasive fungal infections and the role immune cells called T lymphocytes play in fighting bacterial infections. This work is providing fundamental insights that will enable us to optimize the body’s immune defenses against the range of clinically important infections.

Clinical Expertise

Infectious Disease

Languages Spoken

MD, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine


University of California, San Diego, Medical Center


University of California, San Diego, Medical Center

Board Certifications

Internal Medicine; Infectious Disease

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