Jurgen Rademaker, MD

In addition to my clinical and teaching responsibilities, I also have a particular interest in research that is focused primarily on modern imaging approaches such as magnetic resonance imaging, PET, and computed tomography for the diagnosis and follow-up of cancer patients. My current research involves using imaging techniques to evaluate treatment response in patients with lymphoma.

I am certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Radiology, and the German Board of Radiology.

Clinical Expertise

CT, MRI, and Ultrasound

Languages Spoken

MD, Medical School Luebeck, Germany


Beth Israel Medical Center (New York); Medical School Hannover (Hannover, Germany); Virchow Hospital/Charite (Berlin, Germany)

Board Certifications

Internal Medicine (United States); Radiology (United States & Germany)

Publications by Jurgen Rademaker
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