Lu Wang, MD, PhD

Lu Wang, MD, PhD

I am a geneticist with expertise in clinical molecular genetics and clinical cytogenetics. My primary specialty is the use of molecular cytogenetics and molecular pathology to diagnose cancer.

Molecular cytogenetics is a continually expanding field due to the rapid progress in cancer genetics research. I closely monitor the new diagnostic and prognostic markers emerging from translational research in order to promptly develop the needed assays for clinical testing of patients.

My investigative research in cancer genetics involves the detection and cloning of new recurrent genomic rearrangements in human cancers. The goal of my work is to identify novel pathogenic molecules that can be used for genetic diagnosis of cancer and lead to improvement in the care of cancer patients.

Clinical Expertise

Clinical Molecular Genetics and Cancer Cytogenetics

Languages Spoken

MD, Shandong University School of Medicine (China); PhD, Shanghai Institute of Hematology, Shanghai Second Medical University (China)


Weill Cornell Medical College; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Board Certifications

Clinical Molecular Genetics

Publications by Lu Wang

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