Margaret K. Callahan, MD, PhD

Pictured: Margaret Callahan

I am a board-certified medical oncologist who specializes in the use of novel immunotherapies to treat melanoma and other cancers. I work closely with a multidisciplinary team of medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, and research nurses in the Immunotherapeutics Clinical Core (a specialized center for Phase 1 studies of new immunotherapy agents) and on the Melanoma and Sarcoma Service.

My research is focused on the development of new ways to use the immune system to treat cancer. As a laboratory member in the Ludwig Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering, I have been involved in developing innovative approaches to monitoring patients treated with immunotherapy. Our hope is to better understand how immunotherapy can be used to help patients with cancer and to expand this promising treatment modality into new areas.

Clinical Expertise

Melanoma; Immunotherapy

Languages Spoken

MD, PhD, University of Connecticut School of Medicine


University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Board Certifications

Internal Medicine; Medical Oncology

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