Mark M. Souweidane, MD

Mark Souweidane

I have dedicated my career to the surgical treatment of children with brain and spinal disorders. I am internationally recognized for my surgical experience in specific procedures, including the removal of intraventricular brain tumors, the management of pineal region tumors, the surgical removal of spinal tumors, the treatment of congenital cysts, and surgery for Chiari malformation.

I specialize in minimally invasive “endoscopic” surgery for the treatment of hydrocephalus, intraventricular brain tumors, colloid cysts, and congenital cysts. This approach has revolutionized the way we treat these diseases, reducing the risk of complications and enhancing recovery with the same effectiveness as conventional open cranial procedures. In addition to children, I also use this approach to treat some adult patients.

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Clinical Expertise

Pediatric Neurosurgery; Pediatric Brain Tumors; Neuroendoscopy; Intraventricular and Pineal Region Tumors

Languages Spoken

MD, Wayne State University School of Medicine


NYU Medical Center; University of Michigan Medical Center


The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto)

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