Nicholas Vander Els, MD

Nicholas Vander Els, MD

I am a pulmonologist with decades of experience in diagnosing and treating patients who suffer from lung conditions and complications caused by cancer and its treatment. 

In addition to seeing patients in our outpatient pulmonary clinics, I consult on inpatient and outpatient cases throughout the hospital. I also perform procedures such as thoracentesis (drainage of fluid surrounding the lung), catheter placement in the pleural cavity (the space surrounding the lungs in the rib cage), and bronchoscopy. I am also experienced in performing endobronchial ultrasound to diagnose lymph nodes in the chest.

In my years at Memorial Sloan Kettering – I joined the faculty in 1991 – I also have participated in research to evaluate patient tolerance to varying levels of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other forms of cancer treatment. I am also very involved in training our distinguished group of fellows.

Clinical Expertise

Pulmonary Disease in the Immunocompromised Patient; Pulmonary Complications of Cancer and Therapy; Pulmonary Complications Associated with HIV Infection; Photodynamic Therapy; Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

Languages Spoken

MD, New York University School of Medicine


Beth Israel Medical Center (New York)


St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center

Board Certifications

Internal Medicine; Pulmonary Disease; Critical Care Medicine

Publications by Nicholas Vander Els
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