Ting Bao, MD, DABMA, MS

Pictured: Ting Bao

I am a medical oncologist and a certified acupuncturist. I work with patients with all cancer diagnoses, as well as their family members, and guide them in the use of evidence-based complementary/integrative therapies. Such therapies include exercise, acupuncture treatment, massage therapy, mind-body therapies, diet and other lifestyle changes. All of these therapies relieve symptoms and help patients maintain physical and emotional health to best fight cancer.

I also focus on caring for patients with breast cancer. My research addresses studying the efficacy of complementary therapies in oncology practice. I have conducted a number of clinical trials to examine the effectiveness and explore the mechanism of acupuncture in improving cancer patients’ quality of life. My goal is to integrate complementary/integrative therapies into oncology practice to improve cancer patients' quality of life and overall survival.

Clinical Expertise

Breast Cancer; Integrative Medicine; Acupuncture

Languages Spoken
English; Chinese

MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; DABMA, Helm Medical Institute (California)


Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center


Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Board Certifications

Medical Oncology; Internal Medicine

Publications by Ting Bao
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