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We provide a collaborative team approach to the management of approximately 350 new patients with leukemia annually. A primary doctor closely coordinates the care of hematologists, medical and radiation oncologists, bone marrow and stem cell specialists, pathologists, and others. The team meets weekly to discuss and update each patient’s treatment plan. Our many clinical trials incorporate innovative therapies for various types of leukemias. We are recognized as leaders in immunotherapy and the development of novel drug strategies for a number of leukemias.

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The Memorial Sloan Kettering approach to diagnosis and treatment of leukemias in patient-friendly language.

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Pictured: Renier Brentjens
CD19-Targeted T Cells Rapidly Induce Remissions in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Medical oncologist Renier Brentjens describes an innovative therapy to modify T cells to recognize the CD19 protein.

Pictured: Alexander Lesokhin
Phase I Clinical Trial of Anti-PD-1 in Hematologic Malignancy

Medical oncologist Alexander Lesokhin discusses a phase I dose escalation of an anti-PD-1 immunotherapy in patients with hematologic cancers.

Pictured: Ellin Berman
Clinical Trial: Study of Oral Sapacitabine in Elderly Patients with Newly Diagnosed AML

Hematologist-oncologist Ellin Berman discusses a randomized phase III clinical trial of an investigational oral drug, sapacitabine, for AML in elderly patients.

Pictured: Renier Brentjens
ALL Immunotherapy
Pictured: Alexander Lesokhin
Trial of Anti-PD-1
Pictured: Ellin Berman
Oral Sapacitabine