Hospital Information: Our Survival Data

If you have received a cancer diagnosis, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the questions facing you. You may, for example, be wondering where to go for treatment, and what information is available to help you make your decision.

Choosing a treatment center is a very personal matter, and people base their choices on a wide range of factors. One factor you may wish to look at is whether there is any survival information available from the hospitals you are considering. Survival information can tell you, on average, how long patients live after their diagnosis.

In order to help you better understand your options, Memorial Sloan Kettering offers survival data for the following types of cancer: breastcolorectallungmelanoma, and prostate, as well as Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. These are among the most common types of cancer we treat. We also include data for pancreatic cancer, a disease that is widely appreciated to have a poor prognosis.