Advanced Acupuncture for the Cancer Patient

This program provides acupuncturists with an advanced understanding of integrative oncology. This includes pathophysiology, mainstream treatment, and the advanced management of side effects associated cancer diagnosis.

In this course we pay particular attention to the physical issues that cancer patients face. We also further discuss herb-drug interactions, infection control, mechanisms of action, symptoms management with acupuncture, and demonstrations of treatment protocols.

Acupuncturists leave this course with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand mechanism of actions involved in acupuncture and metastatic disease
  • Assess patients and their chart information
  • Develop appropriate, safe, effective treatment plans for cancer patients
  • Perform acupuncture techniques for the optimal treatment of cancer patients
  • Practice acupuncture as part of an in-patient medical team

Course Information

Target Audience

This is an online integrative oncology course for licensed or certified acupuncturists.