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Instructions for Changing Your Dressing

Location of wound:


Measurement of wound:

Plan of Care

Change dressing:          1          2          3          4          Times daily

Clean wound with:       Normal saline          Sterile water


Shower:           Yes          No

Use:                   2x2” Gauze          4x4” Gauze          Kerlix wrap          ____” Plain Packing     


Packing should be:          Damp/Dry          Tight/Loose

If damp, moisten the packing with the solution circled below and wring it out.

Hydrogel          Solosite          Calcium alginate          Normal saline


If dry, pack with ____________________

If loose, pack with ___________________

Cover wound with:          2x2” Gauze          4x4” Gauze          Abdominal pad

Secure dressing with:     Paper tape           Primapore®


Call Your Doctor or Nurse if:

  • You have a temperature of 101°F (38.3°C) or higher
  • Your drainage (liquid coming out of your wound) increases, changes in color or consistency, or develops a bad odor
  • Your wound becomes red, warm, or swollen
  • Your pain gets worse