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Recombinant Human TSH - Two-Week Regimen

This information explains two-week regimen for your recombinant human TSH treatment.

Start the low iodine diet ___ days prior to day 1.

Drink at least 8 glasses (8 ounces each) of decaffeinated liquids a day. Beverages include water and drinks in the low iodine diet guidelines.

The first week you will have blood work and scans and then receive your treatment. During the second week, you will have a post-treatment scan. The schedule generally looks like this:

Week 1

May start Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

Day 1

(2-3 hours)

Blood work

Recombinant human TSH

Day 2

(30-60 min.)

Recombinant human TSH

Diagnostic dose of radioactive iodine

Day 3


Therapeutic dose of radioactive iodine

If you are admitted for treatment, you will be
discharged when your level
of radioactivity is low enough based on regulatory requirements. If you are not admitted, you will be given instructions.

Week 2

Post-treatment scan is done about one week after your treatment. It will be arranged by Nuclear Medicine before you are sent home.

Other tests that may be needed:

  • Women will have blood drawn before treatment to ensure that they are not pregnant. This is a hospital requirement for treatment.