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Patient & Caregiver Education: Educational Resources

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Breast Reconstruction Using Tissue Transfer: A Guide to Care After Surgery

This information will help you learn how to care for yourself after your breast reconstruction surgery using tissue transfer.

Breast Seed Localization

This information explains your breast seed localization procedure at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).

Diseases: Breast Cancer
Categories: Procedures
Bretylium | Adult Medication
Bretylium | Pediatric Medication
Brimonidine | Adult Medication
Brinzolamide | Adult Medication
Bromazepam | Adult Medication
Bromfenac | Adult Medication
Building Your Family: Options for Women Who Have Completed Cancer Treatment

This guide provides information on the options that women have when building a family after cancer treatment.

Bumetanide | Adult Medication
Bumetanide | Pediatric Medication
Bupivacaine | Adult Medication
Bupivacaine | Pediatric Medication
Bupropion | Adult Medication
Bupropion | Pediatric Medication

This information will help you understand bursitis, including causes, diagnosis, and treatment.

Diseases: Adult Cancer Care
Categories: Exercise; Wellness
Buserelin | Adult Medication
Buspirone | Adult Medication