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Patient & Caregiver Education: Educational Resources

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Nutrition Guidelines for Patients With Short Bowel Syndrome

This information will help you maintain your nutrition after your bowel surgery.

Obinutuzumab | Adult Medication
Ocriplasmin | Adult Medication
Octreotide | Adult Medication
Octreotide | Pediatric Medication
Ofatumumab | Adult Medication
Olanzapine | Adult Medication
Olanzapine | Pediatric Medication
Olmesartan | Adult Medication
Olmesartan | Pediatric Medication
Olodaterol | Adult Medication
Olsalazine | Adult Medication
Olsalazine | Pediatric Medication
Omacetaxine | Adult Medication
Omalizumab | Adult Medication
Omeprazole | Adult Medication
Omeprazole | Pediatric Medication
Oncotype DX

This information explains the Oncotype DX test.

Diseases: Breast Cancer
Categories: Taking Your Medications
Ondansetron | Adult Medication
Ondansetron | Pediatric Medication
Operations to Treat Tumors of the Bile Duct

This information describes the surgeries to remove tumors of the bile duct and the possible side effects.

Oprelvekin | Adult Medication
Oprelvekin | Pediatric Medication
Oral Irrigations

This information explains how to perform oral irrigations.