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Patient & Caregiver Education: Educational Resources

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Understanding Leukemia

This information from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society explains the different types of leukemia including diagnosis, treatment options, and clinical trials to patients and their families.

Understanding Radiation Therapy: What To Know About Brachytherapy (A Type of Internal Radiation Therapy) (pad of 50 tear-off sheets)

This information from the National Cancer Institute sprovides a brief overview of procedures before and during brachytherapy.

Understanding Seizures

This information answers some common questions about seizures, including what to do if you or someone else has a seizure.

Diseases: Adult Cancer Care
Categories: General Information
Understanding Sunscreen

This information explains how to use sunscreen correctly.

Diseases: Adult Cancer Care
Categories: General Information
Unoprostone | Adult Medication
Untitled | Adult Medication
Untitled | Adult Medication
Untitled | Adult Medication
Untitled | Pediatric Medication
Untitled | Adult Medication
Urea | Adult Medication
Urodynamic Evaluation

This information will help you prepare for your urodynamic evaluation.

Diseases: Bladder Cancer
Categories: Radiology Tests
Ursodiol | Adult Medication
Ursodiol | Pediatric Medication
Using Moisture to Help Prevent Breathing Difficulties

This information explains how to prevent breathing difficulties during dry months.

Ustekinumab | Adult Medication
V-P Shunt

This information explains your ventriculo-peritoneal shunt surgery and what to expect afterward.

Vaginal Health

This information explains options that women have for achieving vaginal health after cancer treatment.

Valacyclovir | Adult Medication
Valacyclovir | Pediatric Medication
Valrubicin | Adult Medication
Valsartan | Adult Medication
Valsartan | Pediatric Medication
Vancomycin | Adult Medication
Vancomycin | Pediatric Medication
Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE)

This information explains vancomycin resistant Enterococcus (VRE), including how it is spread and how infections are treated.

Vandetanib | Adult Medication
Vardenafil | Adult Medication
Varenicline | Adult Medication
Vasopressin | Adult Medication
Vasopressin | Pediatric Medication
Vecuronium | Adult Medication
Vecuronium | Pediatric Medication
Vedolizumab | Adult Medication