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Patient & Caregiver Education: Educational Resources

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Thiothixene | Pediatric Medication

This information describes your thoracentesis procedure.

Diseases: Breast Cancer; Lung Cancer
Categories: Procedures
Thoracic Anatomy Illustration

This illustration can be used to explain where cancer is in a person’s thoracic cavity or what organs might be impacted during thoracic surgery.

Three-Week Hypothyroid Regimen

This information describes your 3-week hypothyroid regimen. This regimen includes diagnostic tests and your radioactive iodine treatment.

Diseases: Thyroid Cancer
Categories: Radiology Tests
Thyroid Cancer Treatment Plan at MSK

This information explains the thyroid cancer treatment plan at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).

Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs)

This information describes thyroid function tests.

Diseases: Thyroid Cancer
Categories: Procedures
Tiagabine | Adult Medication
Tiagabine | Pediatric Medication
Ticagrelor | Adult Medication
Ticlopidine | Adult Medication
Tigecycline | Adult Medication
Tiludronate | Adult Medication
Tinidazole | Adult Medication
Tinzaparin | Adult Medication
Tioconazole | Adult Medication
Tiopronin | Adult Medication
Tiotropium | Adult Medication
Tiotropium | Pediatric Medication
Tipranavir | Adult Medication
Tipranavir | Pediatric Medication
Tirofiban | Adult Medication
Tizanidine | Adult Medication
Tizanidine | Pediatric Medication
Tocilizumab | Adult Medication
Tocilizumab | Pediatric Medication
Tofacitinib | Adult Medication
Tolazamide | Adult Medication
Tolbutamide | Adult Medication
Tolcapone | Adult Medication
Tolmetin | Adult Medication
Tolmetin | Pediatric Medication
Tolnaftate | Adult Medication
Tolnaftate | Pediatric Medication