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Patient & Caregiver Education: Educational Resources

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Baclofen | Adult Medication
Baclofen | Pediatric Medication
Balsalazide | Adult Medication
Balsalazide | Pediatric Medication
Barium | Adult Medication
Barium | Pediatric Medication
Barrett's Esophagus

This information explains the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of Barrett’s esophagus.

Basiliximab | Adult Medication
Basiliximab | Pediatric Medication
BCG | Adult Medication
BCG | Pediatric Medication
Beasy Glyder Transfer: Bed to Wheelchair

This guide explains how to use a Beasy Glyder to transfer a patient between a bed and a wheelchair.

Diseases: Adult Cancer Care
Categories: General Information
Becaplermin | Adult Medication
Bedaquiline | Adult Medication
Being Your Own Blood Donor

This information describes the steps you must follow before, during, and after you donate blood that will be stored for your use at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Diseases: Adult Cancer Care
Categories: Procedures; Surgeries
Belatacept | Adult Medication
Belimumab | Adult Medication
Belinostat | Adult Medication
Benazepril | Adult Medication
Benazepril | Pediatric Medication
Bendamustine | Adult Medication
Bentoquatam | Adult Medication
Bentoquatam | Pediatric Medication
Benzocaine | Adult Medication
Benzocaine | Pediatric Medication
Benzonatate | Adult Medication