Survivorship Center: Leadership Team

Lead, Clinical Practice

Pictured: Mary McCabe Mary McCabe, RN, MN
Director, Survivorship Initiative
Mary McCabe was recruited in 2003 to lead Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Cancer Survivorship Initiative. Since that time she has worked to develop a comprehensive program for cancer survivors, which includes follow-up care, research, education, and training. An oncology nurse, Ms. McCabe also chairs Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Ethics Committee. Ms. McCabe previously served as Deputy Director in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis at the National Cancer Institute. She is a member (previous chair) of the Survivorship Committee of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, a member of the Survivorship Panel at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and a member of the American Cancer Society’s National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center Steering Committee, among many other professional organizations.

Lead, Clinical Research

Pictured: Kevin C. Oeffinger, Kevin C. Oeffinger, MD
Director, Adult Long-Term Follow-Up Program
As Director of the Adult Long-Term Follow-Up Program, Kevin Oeffinger, a primary care physician, directs follow-up care for adults of all ages who had cancer during their childhood, adolescent, or young adult years. In addition to providing healthcare for cancer survivors, Dr. Oeffinger is a National Cancer Institute–supported independent investigator leading studies to better understand long-term health problems related to cancer and its treatment, with a particular focus on therapy-related cardiovascular disease and radiation-related secondary breast cancer. He serves as Chair of the American Society of Clinical Oncology Cancer Survivorship Committee, is a member of the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Executive Committee, a national board member of the American Cancer Society, and a member of the American Cancer Society Cancer Screening Guideline Panel.

Lead, Professional Training and Education

Pictured: Charles A. Sklar Charles A. Sklar, MD
Director, Long-Term Follow-Up Program
Charles Sklar oversees the care of survivors of all types of pediatric cancers, monitoring their health to find and treat related health problems as early as possible. To study the long-term effects of treatment, Dr. Sklar was one of the founding members of the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS). Supported by the National Cancer Institute, the CCSS is the most highly recognized survivor cohort study, both nationally and internationally. As a pediatric endocrinologist, he cares for patients with endocrine (hormonal) complications that may develop as a result of pediatric cancer therapy and treats children and young adults with endocrine tumors. In addition, Dr. Sklar serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the CCSS . He is a consultant to the Late Effects and Outcomes Committee within the Children’s Oncology Group and serves as a medical advisor to the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation and The Children’s Cause, Inc.