Survivorship Center: Newsletter for Survivors

Bridges, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s newsletter for survivors, offers a forum where patients and their families can share stories of inspiration and hope, and of the challenges that can accompany a cancer journey. We encourage you to submit your story to Bridges.

Jarleen Fall 2014 MSK social workers and a patient share their expertise and thoughts on “scanxiety” and an announcement about the new Cancer Survivorship Center at MSK. View current issue now »

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  • Summer 2014
    An MSK employee tells his own cancer story and a physician shares information on hair loss and thinning in cancer survivors.
  • Spring 2014
    A retired schoolteacher coins a new word to explain the extraordinary support she received from a colleague and fellow cancer survivor, and a nurse gives advice on filling prescriptions.
  • Winter 2014
    A patient expresses gratitude towards Memorial Sloan Kettering and a biology teacher shares how she has overcome late effects of cancer treatment to pursue her passion for teaching.
  • Fall 2013
    A cancer survivor offers tips for reducing stress and Memorial Sloan Kettering experts offer advice for sexual health after cancer treatment.
  • Summer 2013
    A young man describes his journey from colorectal cancer patient to gold medalist, and a survivor shares the health benefits of practicing Qigong.
  • Spring 2013
    A patient offers recommendations for coping with survivor’s guilt, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Executive Chef Pnina Peled shares a spring recipe.
  • Winter 2013
    A book offers guidance on skin care for people living with cancer, and a survivor discusses making the transition from patient to caregiver.
  • Fall 2012
    A patient-to-patient volunteer offers recommendations for coping with the fear of cancer recurrence, and a bone marrow transplant survivor shares his story.
  • Summer 2012
    A rehabilitation expert describes therapies for managing lymphedema, and the editors review Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Art Expressions program.
  • Spring 2012
    A survivor gives advice about advocating for your health, and a genetic counselor answers questions about genetic testing and counseling.
  • Winter 2012
    Dan Barry, a national columnist for the New York Times, delivers a guest editorial, and a survivor offers advice about careers after cancer.
  • Fall 2011
    A bladder cancer survivor shares his story, and pain and palliative care expert Paul Glare describes how palliative care is used to manage pain for cancer survivors.
  • Summer 2011
    A woman shares how her parents’ cancer diagnoses had an impact on her, and infectious diseases specialist Monika Shah gives travel precautions for patients.
  • Spring 2011
    Patient editor Eileen Gould explains how cancer survivors can connect, and a physical therapist shares exercises to improve stability.
  • Winter 2011
    A teenager shares her experience with medulloblastoma, and a father relays how adoption can be an option for building a family after cancer.
  • Fall 2010
    Psychiatrist Jimmie Holland offers advice about minimizing pre-visit anxiety, and a survivor provides suggestions on coping with hair loss.
  • Summer 2010
    A survivor offers decision-making strategies to use when considering breast reconstruction, and patient editor Eileen Gould reviews the cancer support service Imerman Angels.
  • Spring 2010
    An ovarian cancer survivor shares her story, a neuroblastoma survivor suggests methods for managing anxiety, and a survivor reviews the Cancer and Careers website.
  • Winter 2009
    A ten-year-old shares his “leukemia adventure,” and a survivor and a physical therapist give strategies for managing osteoporosis
  • Fall 2009
    A survivor offers advice on coping with physical changes, and the creator of Cycle for Survival shares her story.
  • Summer 2009
    Patient and family advisors convey how they are improving the quality of patient care at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and a survivor shares a poem.
  • Online Supplement, Spring 2009
    A breast cancer patient shares her story.
  • Spring 2009
    An amputee relays her experience participating in the Beijing Paralympics, and psychologist Tim Ahles offers insights into chemobrain.
  • Winter 2008
    A pancreatic cancer survivor shares her story, and chaplain Jane Mather discusses how spirituality can be woven into your cancer journey.
  • Fall 2008
    A cancer survivor’s wife shares advice about discussing a cancer diagnosis with children, and social workers review the book 100 Questions & Answers About Life After Cancer.
  • Summer 2008
    This inaugural issue features an article by integrative medicine expert Gary Deng and a welcome piece by patient editor Eileen Gould.