Facilitating Parent Adaptation to Pediatric Transplant: The P-SCIP Trial

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Facilitating Parent Adaptation to Pediatric Transplant: The P-SCIP Trial

The purpose of this research study is to find out if two types of psychological assistance improve the well-being of parents whose children are undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). This experience can be extremely stressful for parents and caregivers.

Participants will be randomly assigned to take part in one of two study conditions. One group will attend five meetings with an interventionist. In these meetings, they will learn how to deal with fears and worries about the transplant and discuss transplant-related concerns.

Participants in the second group will work with a child life specialist and a social worker. They will meet with the study interventionists in a counseling room at the hospital one time for about 20 minutes, where they will receive materials and information to help them deal with various issues associated with HSCT. They will also receive five hours of assistance from a child life specialist to help them with the child’s care.

Participants will complete questionnaires about their mood and well-being, and the results will be compared between the two groups. Researchers will also compare those who participated in the study with those who did not.


Participants in this study will include English-speaking parents of children under age 18 who are scheduled to have HSCT in the next month.

For more information about this study, please contact Dr. Abraham Bartell at 646-888-0023 or Julia Radomski, Research Study Assistant, at radomskj@mskcc.org.

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