A Phase I Study of AEB071 in Patients with Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

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A Phase I Study of AEB071, an Oral Protein Kinase C Inhibitor, in Patients with Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

AEB071 is an investigational drug that works by blocking an enzyme called protein kinase C (PKC). PKC is important for the growth of uveal melanoma (a cancer of the eye).

In this study, researchers want to find the highest dose of AEB071 that can be given safely in patients with metastatic uveal melanoma. AEB071 is taken orally (by mouth).


To be eligible for this study, patients must meet several criteria, including but not limited to the following:

  • Patients must have metastatic uveal melanoma.
  • Patients must have recovered from the side effects of prior treatment.
  • Patients must be age 18 or older.

For more information about this study and to inquire about eligibility, please contact Dr. Paul Chapman at 646-888-4162.

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