Clinical and Research Training in Infectious Diseases: Conferences

At the start of the academic year, a core collection of articles that are of general relevance to the practice of infectious diseases are provided to new fellows. In addition to this primer on infectious diseases, the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering offers fellows a variety of weekly and monthly conferences within our institution and at neighboring New York hospitals.

Advanced Topics in Infectious Diseases

This weekly conference serves as a core curriculum for fellows. Lectures provide a broad and comprehensive review of important issues in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. Exciting new advances in our understanding of the pathogenesis of infectious diseases are also covered.

Journal Club

This weekly meeting, which alternates between Memorial Sloan Kettering and the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, is a forum for discussing manuscripts that have been published in the major medical journals. Important papers are summarized by fellows and discussed as a group with the infectious diseases faculty.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Clinical Infectious Diseases Conference

As part of the Clinical Infectious Diseases Conference, fellows select and prepare an in-depth discussion of two cases, with input from the attending on service. Included in the presentation are pertinent x-rays and important smears or biopsies as well as a discussion based on a review of pertinent literature. In addition, clinical follow-up of interesting and perplexing cases as well as review of new or medically unstable outpatients is conducted. This conference is organized by Ying Taur.

Hospital Infection Control Meeting

This monthly meeting is attended by infectious diseases fellows and faculty who are associated with the Infection Control Service. During this meeting, the Director of Infection Control, Kent Sepkowitz, the Infection Control Manager, Janet Eagan, and associated staff discuss important epidemiological issues at Memorial Sloan Kettering. This meeting provides fellows with an opportunity to experience and learn about the principles and practice of hospital infection control.

Research in Progress Conference

The Research in Progress Conference provides fellows and faculty with an opportunity to review their recent research progress in an informal setting. Presentations are made to the faculty, fellows, and staff of the Infectious Diseases Service. This meeting is organized by Michael Glickman.

Combined Clinical Conference with Weill Cornell Medical College

Once monthly, a combined clinical conference is held with the members of the Infectious Diseases Service at Weill Cornell Medical College. Clinical cases are presented by fellows from the respective programs and are discussed by clinical fellows and faculty from both institutions.

Intercity Rounds

Twice yearly, Memorial Sloan Kettering hosts intercity rounds. These rounds have been ongoing in New York City and the surrounding area for more than 30 years and are based at Memorial Sloan Kettering. At rounds, six to eight cases are presented to infectious diseases attendings and fellows from throughout the area as clinicopathologic conferences, or as “unknowns.” Senior fellows are responsible for organizing the rounds and selecting and assigning cases, in collaboration with the attending staff. During rounds, fellows give a precise presentation of a case, lead the discussion of the differential diagnosis, and then reveal the diagnosis and present a five-minute review of the pertinent literature. A list of references is provided for attendees at the end of rounds.


Fellows have the opportunity to attend the extraordinarily wide spectrum of seminar series across the Center (including those offered at the Sloan Kettering Institute), ranging on topics from cell biology and immunology to protein structure and genomics. Attendance at seminars and presentations by invited speakers is encouraged, particularly during the research year(s).