Fellowships: Key Molecular Imaging Mentors

Hedvig Hricak, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Radiology
Carroll and Milton Petrie Chair

Steven M. Larson, MD
Chief, Nuclear Medicine Service
Acting Chief, Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Service

Ronald Blasberg, MD
Neuro-Oncology Lab
Department of Neurology

Yuman Fong, MD
Vice Chair
Technology Development
Department of Surgery

Eric C. Holland, MD, PhD
Vice Chair, Translational Research
Department of Surgery

John Humm, PhD
Chief, Nuclear Imaging Physics
Department of Medical Physics

Jason A. Koutcher, MD, PhD
Chief, MR Small Animal Imaging Lab
Department of Medical Physics

Vladimir Ponomarev, MD
Molecular Imaging Lab
Department of Radiology

Michel Sadelain, MD, PhD
Director, Gene Transfer and Somatic Cell Engineering Facility
Department of Medicine

David Scheinberg, MD, PhD
Chair, Molecular Pathology and Chemistry Program

Pat Zanzonico, PhD
Nuclear Medicine Small Animal Imaging Lab
Department of Medical Physics