Pharmacy PGY-2 Oncology Residencies


The Pharmacy Department at Memorial Sloan Kettering currently offers two PGY2 pharmacy residencies with the support of our clinical pharmacy division, one in adult oncology and one in pediatric oncology.


The world’s oldest and largest private cancer center, Memorial Sloan Kettering combines 130 years of research and clinical leadership with the freedom to provide highly individualized, exceptional care to each patient. Our always-evolving educational programs continue to train new leaders in the field, here and around the world, and we are continuing to expand our facilities to bring our world-class care to patients closer to where they live.

The Pharmacy Department attends to the medication needs of our patients, providing comprehensive clinical and dispensing services in our suburban outpatient treatment centers and to inpatients at Memorial Hospital. The role of the pharmacist at MSK continues to broaden through the implementation of innovative positions focusing on improving patient care. Currently, the Pharmacy Department has more than 300 employees, with approximately 175 pharmacists serving patients in 20 pharmacy satellites, as well as an annual budget exceeding $350 million.

The Pharmacy Department offers two PGY-2 residency programs — one focusing on pediatric oncology and one focusing on adult oncology, allowing residents to specialize in their areas of interest.