Radiation Oncology Residency: Our Residents at Work

Pictured: Kavita Dharmarajan & Marsha Laufe Residents Kavita Dharmarajan (left) and Marsha Laufer discuss a patient’s port films.
Pictured: Timothy Chan & Sewit Teckie Radiation oncologist Timothy Chan (left) and resident Sewit Teckie review treatment options.
Pictured: Daniel Spratt, Sarah Milgrom & Neil Desai (From left) Residents Daniel Spratt, Sarah Milgrom, and Neil Desai refer to a medical textbook in the residents’ room library.
Pictured: Naamit Gerber & Zachary Zumsteg Residents Naamit Gerber (left) and Zachary Zumsteg review patient notes.
Pictured: Carol Ann Milazzo & Kavita Dharmarajan Nurse practitioner Carol Ann Milazzo (left) and resident Kavita Dharmarajan review an inpatient’s medical record.
Pictured: William Tong & Michael Folkert Brachytherapy fellow William Tong (left) and resident Michael Folkert review a spine brachytherapy case.
Pictured: T. Jonathan Yang Resident T. Jonathan Yang reviews a case prior to seeing a patient in clinic.