Discovery and Validation of New Biomarkers to Monitor Cancer

Laboratory Medicine

The Biomarker Discovery Laboratory in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Clinical Chemistry Service identifies new biomarkers that have potential clinical utility in managing patients with cancer. This translational laboratory specializes in validating new analytical procedures and technology that can be used for clinical management of patients with cancer. These assays include, (a) the enrichment of circulating tumor cells (CTC) in peripheral blood and body fluids from patients with metastatic cancer; (b) genomic analysis of CTC to identify mutant genes and translocations that may be a target for new therapeutic agents in Phase II trials; (c) development of multiplex assays that have the potential to assess cancer risk. The Biomarker Discovery lab specializes in the validation of new technology for CTC analysis, protein biomarkers, and exosome analysis in patients with cancer. 

Project Type

Translational Research

Preferred Project Dates

  • June 15 – August 7
Student's Role

Students will be trained in assay validation using newly discovered biomarkers that have potential in the clinic. Additionally the student will be trained in translational assay techniques, including genomic analysis, the use of microfluidic technology, PCR, RNA/DNA isolation and purification, CTC isolation using new technology under evaluation, and multiplex assay techniques using ELISA assay methodology. Students should have some experience with basic biochemical, genomic, and enzymatic techniques and a good background in basic analytical procedures.

Extent of Research/Laboratory, Clinical, and Didactic Activities
  • Laboratory Research: 60%
  • Clinical Research: 20%
  • Didactics (Lab, DMT meetings, and/or other weekly conferences): 20%

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