Experimental Immunotherapy for Melanoma

Melanoma and Sarcoma Service

Our laboratory is focused on the development of novel immunotherapy approaches, including immunomodulatory antibodies and DNA-based vaccines. Students will be able to select from projects involving pre-clinical testing vaccines and antibodies in animal models of human cancer or to participate in immunologic monitoring of patients who are enrolled on experimental immunotherapy trials.

Project Type

Translational Research

Preferred Project Dates

  • June 15 – August 7
Student's Role

The student will learn to use standard laboratory techniques including: DNA purification, ELISA assays, flow cytometry, DNA vaccination and blood sample processing. They will work under the guidance of the laboratory director in a cooperative and collegial environment with several post-doctoral fellows and professional technicians. The student will also participate in departmental seminars and laboratory meetings. He/she will be part of an innovative multidisciplinary study that includes medical oncologists, surgeons, and basic scientists. They will also have the opportunity to attend melanoma clinic for clinical observation.

Extent of Research/Laboratory, Clinical, and Didactic Activities
  • Laboratory Research: 75%
  • Clinical Activities (Attendance at clinics, shadowing, OR observation): 10%
  • Didactics (Lab or DMT meetings, weekly conferences): 15%

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