Integrative Medicine: Clinical Research, AboutHerbs Website, Observation

Integrative Medicine

Summer medical students work with Integrative Medicine staff to receive a well-rounded experience. The summer experience includes observing patients’ receipt of various complementary therapies, including acupuncture, music therapy, meditation, participating in fitness classes for patients and staff, working with RSAs to recruit patients for clinical trials, attending our research meetings, learning about botanical agents, drafting entries for the AboutHerbs website, and more. Our goal is to enable students to achieve a thorough understanding of the clinical and research aspects of the field.

Project Type

Clinical Research

Preferred Project Dates

  • June 15 – August 7
Student's Role

Our summer students work as a group with several faculty members involved and contributing. The joint student project this year will be an analysis of incoming questions and topic trends over time in comments posed to the AboutHerbs website, including country and demographics of sender (e.g., patient, relative, medical professional, gender), diagnosis of concern, and specifics of the inquiry.

Extent of Research/Laboratory, Clinical, and Didactic Activities
  • Clinical Research: 45%
  • Clinical Activities (Attendance at clinics, shadowing, OR observation): 35%
  • Didactics (Lab or DMT meetings, weekly conferences): 20%

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