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Fibrous extensions of a nerve cell (red) and an oligodendrocyte (green) growing on top of the nerve cell
Can Stem Cells Be Taught to Repair a Radiation-Damaged Brain?

In a recent study, Memorial Sloan Kettering scientists used stem-cell engineering to repair brain injuries in rats. The results raise hope for future therapies that could prevent or fix nerve damage in cancer patients who need brain radiation.

February 5, 2015
Setting Cancer Cells on the Right Path: A New Leukemia Drug Shows Growing Promise

An experimental drug for acute myelogenous leukemia might potentially help many more patients than previously thought by controlling epigenetic processes, according to a recent MSK study.

January 30, 2015
DNA wrapped around histones
What Is Epigenetics?

Physician-scientist Omar Abdel-Wahab explains epigenetics, a growing field based on the study of genetic changes that are not part of the DNA code, and how it relates to cancer.

October 14, 2014
Pictured: Susan Prockop & Lucas T.
Wiping Out Epstein-Barr Virus Preserves Transplant Success

Memorial Sloan Kettering physician-scientists have prevented a dangerous complication of stem cell transplantation using immune cells donated from a third party.

March 6, 2014
Pictured: Paul Meyers & Kamirah M.
The Past, Present, and Future: Research and Treatment Advances in Pediatric Cancers

Pediatric oncologist Paul Meyers gives us a snapshot of where treatment for childhood cancers has been – and the promising directions it’s taking in the future.

February 19, 2014
Pictured: Farid Boulad
New Information about Treatment for Pediatric Blood Disorders at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Memorial Sloan Kettering specialists provide state-of-the-art care for a range of pediatric blood disorders.

November 14, 2013
Pictured: Paul Meyers
Past, Present, and Future: Research and Treatment Advances in Pediatric Cancers

On the occasion of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, pediatric oncologist Paul A. Meyers talks about the evolution of pediatric cancer research and treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

September 26, 2013
Pictured: Kenneth Offit
Gene Mutation Linked to Inherited Risk of Common Form of Childhood Leukemia

Researchers have found the first evidence that susceptibility to developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia during childhood may be heritable.

September 9, 2013
Pictured: Andromachi Scaradavou
How Do I Decide Whether I Should Bank Cord Blood from My Newborn?

In this “Ask the Expert” feature, pediatric hematologist Andromachi Scaradavou discusses options for expectant parents who are considering banking a newborn’s cord blood.

July 24, 2013
Pictured: Scott Armstrong, Michael Kuehn, Haijhua Chu, Monica Cusan & Andrei Kritsov
At Work: Pediatric Oncologist Scott Armstrong

Scott Armstrong specializes in the treatment of leukemia in children. His research focuses on the disease in children and adults.

July 12, 2013
Pictured: Ross Levine
Genetic Profiling Could Help Doctors Make More-Accurate Leukemia Prognoses

Researchers have identified a set of genetic abnormalities that can enhance prognostic accuracy and aid treatment selection for people with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).

March 15, 2012

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Genetic Mutation Increases Risk of Childhood Leukemia

Geneticist Kenneth Offit and colleagues discovered a genetic link specific to risk of childhood leukemia that could potentially be used to prevent the disease in leukemia-prone families.

September 9, 2013